You Will Be Leaving Your Business Someday – What’s Your Plan?

Whether you are a closely held business owner, a physician, dentist, lawyer, accountant or other practitioner, or a key employee, ultimately you will leave the business because of retirement, disability, death or the unknown and unforeseeable. Are you prepared?

Studies show that $11 billion in value of closely held businesses and professional practices will be passed on to new owners over the coming decade. If you are not prepared for this happening, you should be.

At Secure Benefits Northeast, LLC,

we work with professionals and business owners to be sure they and their families are protected from the untimely and unforeseeable by preparing in advance.

Whether it is a personal plan or one that is business oriented, it all comes together to take care of you and family and those in the business who you want to protect.

Key issues to consider:

If you are disabled, is there a means and a method to either (a) continue the business or (b) transfer it to a new owner?

If you retire, is there a means to transfer the business to a new owner or the next generation?

If you die before business transition is there a means to transfer the business to a new owner or the next generation?

If the business is going to be transitioned to the next generation is there a plan in place to take care of those, if any, who will not be part of the business?

We will design a Plan that will establish your transition Plan, including comparative business valuation.

We work with your legal counsel and accountants to make sure that the Plan is properly established, documented and funded.

After implementation, we establish an agreed schedule for reviewing the Plan to see if it continues to meet goals as well as maintaining appropriate values over time.

Our process is not complicated:


Introductory conference call, video or visit


Design a Plan that meets the goals and needs of the parties

a. Business/practice valuation
b. Legal format decision making
c. Documentation and funding


Implementation and maintenance of the Plan.

To set a conference call (phone or video) or in person appointment, contact: