The Importance of Keeping Business Succession Plans Current

If your business succession plan is not up to date, or if you don’t have one, an unfortunate incident could bring your business to its knees.

Even without co-shareholder(s) or partner(s), the absence of short and long-term plans can be the difference between a financial disaster and success going forward for you, your family and your business associates.

For more than 45 years, Secure Benefits Northeast, LLC, has worked with closely held businesses and professional practices of all sizes to design, implement and fund plans that protect ownership and key staff from the sudden and often disastrous changes that occur when an owner or key employee is not able to work due to illness or injury, or has died unexpectedly.

We customize a plan for each situation,

taking into consideration important issues ranging from an organization’s history, its industry or practice, current plans in place, its competitive value in the marketplace and the wants and needs of the involved parties.

Whether it is

a buy-sell arrangement with partners, key employees or outsiders,

self-funded or insured programs,

consideration of immediate sale or conversion to a public entity, or

doing nothing, we assist in

(a) determining fair value,
(b) an appropriate legal vehicle for implementation and
(c) funding.

The goal is to have a Plan of protection for ownership and families in place.

We work with your legal counsel and accountants to make sure that the Plan is properly established, documented and funded.

After implementation, we establish an agreed schedule for reviewing the Plan to see if it continues to meet goals as well as maintaining appropriate values over time.

Our process is not complicated:


Introductory conference call, video or visit


Design a Plan that meets the goals and needs of the parties

a. Business/practice valuation
b. Legal format decision making
c. Documentation and funding


Implementation and maintenance of the Plan.

To set a conference call (phone or video) or in person appointment, contact: