Are your business or practice succession and continuation plans up to date? They may be outdated and no longer useful – or even worse, harmful. We can help you with that.


Are you prepared if you or a key person become disabled? Income replacement, key person replacement, expense coverage? How will you deal with lost productivity and the expense of recruiting and training a replacement? We can help you with that.


What is the value of your practice or business? It is worth knowing in order to protect it properly. It may be more valuable than you think. We can help you with that.


Do you have competitive benefit programs that help recruit and retain needed executives and key staff? We can help you with that.


Tax exempt organization leaders face many of the same leadership, recruiting and retention problems as for profit, taxable entities do. We can help you with that.


Do you have a plan for exiting your professional practice or business? It will happen at some point – voluntarily or otherwise. We can help you with that.


We help owners of businesses and professional practices plan and implement programs that protect their business, themselves, key staff and families from financial losses that arise from illness, injury, death or other sudden need to sell.

For more than 50 years, we have helped clients:

Protect business owners, key executives and employees from financial loss due to death, illness or injury

Recruit and retain key executives and employees by providing adequate and appropriately tailored retirement benefits

Provide for an orderly and adequately funded organization transition of ownership and leadership, whether planned or unplanned

Recruit Retain Retire Transition

Our clients include closely held businesses with one to 250 employees, professional corporations and practices, hospitals, banks, credit unions and tax exempt organizations.

We have:

Helped closely held businesses value, establish and fund a plan for orderly transition of ownership from one generation to another, to key employees and to third parties (including balancing family interests);

Developed programs for not for profit community hospitals that establish rewards for medical staff that remain at the hospital for a specific period of time;

Designed and implemented disability income plans that fill gaps in an organization’s group long term disability insurance plan;

Established plans in both for profit and not for profit organizations that supplement inadequate 401(k) or 403(b) plans and reward long term service.

Provided startups from pharma to high tech to craft breweries with tools to recruit and retain key employees throughout the development stage and into maturity.

Designed and implemented a disability income program for professional practices that is superimposed on the existing group long term disability contract, eliminating serious gaps in coverage.

Installed asset enhancing life insurance based programs at banks and credit unions.

Our Services

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Strategies for Integration of Resources

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Concierge Underwriting

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Our Ideas

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